Integration with K50:Tracker

You can transfer order and call data collected in Tracker to Optimizer. With this data, you can conduct a more detailed analysis of ad campaigns using statistics by enriching the data sample for optimization using rules and strategies.

  1. Get an access token
  2. Connection
  3. Disconnect and reconnect the system

Get an access token

You need an access token to connect Tracker to Optimizer. Learn more in the article Getting an access token.


Use an analytical systems connection to create a connection to Tracker.

Then, click Add next to the systems connection. Select K50:Tracker from the drop-down list and click Authorize K50 Tracker in K50:Passport. You'll then be automatically redirected to K50:Passport so you can log in to your profile.

Your next step is to connect your K50:Tracker account. Specify the name of your connection (it's a good idea to name the system based on its type and purpose, for example, K50:Tracker - call analytics) and your access token from K50:Passport. Click Connect.

1. Select a website

If you're working with several websites in your account, you can select one of them at this step.

2. Downloadable metrics

Specify which metrics from K50 need to be recorded to which parameters. You don't need to fill in all the fields, some of them can be left blank by entering the Not installed value.

Default parameters:

Parameter Metric
CRM: Goal 1 Calls or Orders
Parameter Metric
CRM: Goal 1 Calls or Orders

You can also download the following metrics:

  • Unique calls

  • Targeted calls

  • Unique targeted calls

You can download a total of 20 goals from call tracking services, CRM, and other systems.

3. Filters

Filter orders or calls by available parameters if necessary. You can apply one or several filters.

4. Additional settings

Data window: the period for downloading data (required when data may change over a period). For example, if you set it equal to 7, the data will be downloaded for the last 7 days each time. The default value is 1.

Download hour: the preferred time to run an update of the analytical system. By default, data download starts at 00:00.

5. Financial values

Currency of financial values: specify this parameter if you plan to use values in your formulas, rules, and events.

Financial adjustment: this setting is present because it's available in other systems, but it doesn't affect the downloaded statistics because the service does not transfer currency metrics.

After making all the changes, click Save.

The data download will start automatically.

Disconnect and reconnect the system

Go to the list of connected analytical systems and clickAnalytical systems.

Select Edit connection settings or Delete connection depending on what you want to do.

When changing the connection settings, you can choose an access token that has already been created earlier or connect a new one.

In the advanced settings, select whether you need to delete the existing data of the connected system.

Enable this option if you selected the wrong fields, fields for wrong goals during the first connection, or if the data has changed significantly. With this option disabled, the new settings will only affect new data from the dates when there was no download.