Rules for regular monitoring of ad campaign effectiveness

Let's take a look at some examples of reports in K50:Rules that help keep track of changes in ad campaigns and prevent ineffective budget spending.

You can set up the frequency of their generation using the Completion schedule setting: for example, set it send a certain report, change bids, or stop ad materials once a day/week/month. To set the frequency, just select the required period in the corresponding section of the event settings.

Phrases without transactions or calls, but with a high expense

This is an important Rule for finding non-conversion keywords in an ad campaign. It hepls you simultaneously find:

  • Phrases with a high expense that don't result in transactions

  • Phrases with a high expense that don't result in calls (you need to connect a call tracking service).

The most expensive keywords in a campaign/account

The rule searches for the most expensive keywords in the campaign. In this example, these are phrases for which the expense is more than 10% of the campaign expenses. You can add additional conditions to this rule, for example:

  • Exceeding the target CPO

  • No transactions and calls.

Or change the condition itself:

  • The most expensive ads in the campaign

  • The most expensive campaigns in the account.

Deviation of keyword CPO from the average CPO for the campaign

Searching for keywords in the campaign for which the CPO is higher than the average for the campaign.

Phrases for which the expense is 30% more or less than the previous week

This is another rule that uses the period comparison formula. Using this rule, you can find campaigns for which the daily expense grew or decreased by 30% compared to the previous week. The report is interesting both when the expense grows and decreases. What changes in the expense can mean:

  • Some ads were rejected

  • There's a new competitor in your topic

  • There are too general and high-frequency keywords (can be the result of automatic generation).

Phrases for which the CPO is higher than the target CPO by 30% in the last 7 days

With K50:Rules, you can compare different indicators (expense, clicks, number of conversions, and so on) for different time periods. In this example, we compare the CPO for the previous day with the average CPO for the last week and email a report with phrases for which the CPO has been exceeded by 30%.