Optimization of the ad group CRR from the average value for the AC group (for Google Ads DSAs)

The event is useful when most entities have transactions. For example, 80% of ad groups had transactions in 90 days or 80% of the AC had transactions in 90 days (in this case, we compare the KPIs of the AC with the KPIs of the AC group).

Entities are divided into clusters ("good", "average", "bad", and so on) depending on the degree of the KPI deviation in the ad group from the average KPI value of a higher-level entity (AC or AC group).

The CRR of each ad group is compared with the average value of the CRR for the entire campaign pool over the last 90 days.

For example:

Example of a condition for good groups:

The click threshold is needed to avoid inadequate CR values because bids will be assigned according to the formula.

Bid calculation

To calculate the effective bid based on the the CRR, use the following formula:

CPC = Average bill x CR x CRR

(you can use any other formula to calculate the optimal bid)

We are satisfied with the results of the "good" groups. We assume their current CRR as the target and introduce a multiplying factor that corresponds to the difference between the bid and CPC

For groups with a high DRR, we used reduction factors when setting bids:

CPC = Average bill x CR x (Expense/Revenue)*0.3

CPC = Average bill x CR x (Expense/Income)*0.05

We also set a low bid (₽2) to minimize impressions for groups with a high expense (>4*Average bill) and without transactions.